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Review of Church of Christ the King (Funeral Parlour)

IMG 2169 1 - Review of Church of Christ the King (Funeral Parlour)

With the silver tsunami in Singapore, the government has stepped up to provide death care facilities for Singaporeans in the near future. This is evidenced by the release of a site at woodlands allocated for use as a funeral parlour and by the proposed erection of a funeral parlour at Bidadari. However, such infrastructure will…

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Church Of Our Lady Queen Of Peace

IMG 8067 1 - Church Of Our Lady Queen Of Peace

With the burgeoning number of deaths and limited death-care facilities in Singapore, we are thankful that another Church has opened their space and allowed funeral wakes to be held at their premise. Allow me to introduce Church of Our Lady Queen Of Peace. This is a Catholic Church situated at 4 Sandy Ln Singapore 437321.…

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Review on the various Funeral Parlours

This is just a brief review of the various funeral parlous currently available for public use in Singapore as of today. They are just my personal views and might not hold true for everyone but I hope they do help bereaved families in making a more informed decision with regards to the venue of the…

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No, I am not immune to grief.

1f435c9a 4f0b 4f3b b40b ef4ba178e772 - No, I am not immune to grief.

Many thought that people in this trade are immune to grief, especially when we face it every single day. However, that’s a misconception that ought to be changed. Last year, I was introduced to this very courageous lady who was battling with cancer. She was only in her early fifties, an age where most would…

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News Reports On Death

The only certainty in life are – taxes and death. Despite the surety of death, the method of death can still reach us as a shocking and overwhelming news. This is especially so for deaths due to accidents. Nobody expects an accident, much less prepare for it. Recently I helped a family where the deceased…

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Bereavement Seminar by the Singapore Hospice Council

75d09ee0 83e6 425f b1b8 4fae4929c814 - Bereavement Seminar by the Singapore Hospice Council

Just recently, I attended a Bereavement Seminar hosted by the Singapore Hospice Council. Am heartened that such a move has been initiated by at least an organisation to help up the level of awareness amongst fellow Singaporeans on how to deal with grief. It’s not a cookie-cutter solution as we all deal with grief differently.…

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2018 in Review

5dba5de6 5522 4f0c b448 96b077854c0e - 2018 in Review

The biggest and toughest lesson I’ve learnt in 2018 is to trust God. Trust God – something that is so easily preached but not so easily achieved. I hope I do not come across as boasting because I am not, I just wish to share my story on the setting up of my own company.…

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A Tribute

By Jasmine From NUS

This post is a tribute to be paid to my dear friend, Jasmine Lim. I couldn’t believe it when I saw you on the newspapers, that you’d been involved in a car accident and unfortunately have passed on. I will never forget how we first spoke to each other. I have seen you a couple…

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