Archive for March 2020

Mandai Crematorium (In my own Memory)

IMG 7760 min - Mandai Crematorium (In my own Memory)

I will never forget this place because it is and will be a special place for me. To many, this place holds sad memories of sending a loved one off on their final journey. To me, it is a place I frequent for work and ministry since the tender age of 24. This place is…

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Precautionary Measures following COVID19

aipRGSCaS62cPmIZdBMzw thumb 16 3 - Precautionary Measures following COVID19

These days, stories on the coronavirus inundate us as updates on the virus’s effects snatch news’ headlines. While it sure isn’t easy for us, Singapore to face this virus, we are here to let you know that we, the staff at Harmony Funeral Care are committed to help make gatherings at Funerals as safe as…

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