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To relieve family members the task of choosing individually the items needed for a complete funeral, Harmony Funeral Care has amassed together funeral packages of various prices. These funeral packages contain all you need for a funeral so that you do not have to worry about missing out on a single item. Additionally, the funeral packages guarantee cash savings for family members as they are lower-priced compared to the cost of the individual items added together.

Below are the funeral packages we offer. Please click on the funeral pacakges you are interested in to find out more.


Tips on choosing a suitable funeral package:

  1. Choose someone you trust from the funeral company

You’ll be working closely with the funeral company for the next few days. Choosing a funeral director you can trust and whom you are at ease with is paramount to ensure that all things run smoothly. Communication is important here. When phoning to make enquiries, be sure to ask for a break down of all items included in the funeral package. This is to avoid a potential scenario where more items are later on added at a cost after the basic funeral package is chosen. Be cautious enough and you will bypass many sales tactic engaged by funeral companies that may be less than advantageuos for you.

  1. Set a budget and work around it

Oftentimes, the funeral packages come in different tiers and the price difference is usually justified by additional value-added services or items. Visualise how you want the funeral to be and what items are necessary. Set a reasonable budget and then discuss the funeral package with your funeral director.

  1. Seek the consensus of family members whilst placing the deceased’s interests first

In organising the funeral, be sure to maintain harmony amongst family members. Opposing opinions would no doubt surface at times but remember to resolve any disagreements in an amicable manner. The last thing you’d want is to have an argument and then have a tensed atmosphere at the funeral. We want the best for you and your family. In making decisions with regards to the funeral package, it would be good to visualise what the dearly departed would prefer at his/her own funeral. Afterall, we are commemorating the dearly departed’s life.


Let us, your bereavement buddy handle everything from the start till the end of the funeral. Leveraging on over 60 years of experience and heritage, be sure that the final send-off for your loved one would be nothing less than satisfactory. A funeral is a once in a lifetime event; do it right. Call +65 9489 2424 for immediate assistance.

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