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Funeral services vary according to one’s religion and sometimes even race. In some cases, foreigners residing in Singapore might also incorporate certain elements of their traditions into funerals conducted locally for their loved ones. Funeral services are conducted to commemorate the life of the dearly departed. Due to the differences in religious beliefs however, Christian and Catholic Funeral Services take on a more joyful note while Taoist and Buddhist Funeral Services take on a more mournful theme.

The duration of a funeral service can span from 1 day to 7 days, depending on the family’s preference. It would be good to extend the duration of the funeral if there are family members flying in overseas so that they would be given a chance to participate in the funeral.

Deciding on a wake venue is a tricky situation for land-scarce Singapore. The limited land available however has birthed the use of common shared spaces like HDB Void Decks as wake venues. This unique situation can only be seen in Singapore. Having funeral wakes at the void decks would be convenient for family members as they homes would usually be situated near the wake venue. Renting funeral parlours is popular in Singapore as well as the parlours often come with attractive facilities like air-conditioned rooms and toilets.

To begin the funeral service, choose a funeral company. Items offered by the different funeral companies are usually about the same. The key is to identify a company or someone in the company whom you can entrust the funeral to for the next couple of days. Communication is important in this process. Communicate to the funeral director what you’d like to have in the funeral service so as to facilitate the entire process.

At the same time, think about the optional items that you might want to have to make the funeral service complete:

  • Obituary : Where would you like to publish the obituary and what size would you like it to be?
  • Food catering : How many people would you be catering food for?
  • Flora décor: What type and what color would you want the flowers to be?
  • Do you intend to go for a burial or cremation?

Consider making the funeral service more significant via these suggestions:

  • Have the dearly departed’s favourite songs played in the background during the funeral service
  • Apply the dearly departed’s own lipstick if deceased is a lady
  • Share fond memories of the deceased by displaying photographs and videos of him/her
  • Deliver eulogies to share how the deceased was when alive (How he/she has influenced you, etc. Click Here for a Guide to writing a good eulogy)

Click on each of the different funeral service to find out more.

Let us, your bereavement buddy handle everything from the start till the end of the funeral. Leveraging on over 60 years of experience and heritage, be sure that the final send-off for your loved one would be nothing less than satisfactory. A funeral is a once in a lifetime event; do it right. Call +65 9489 2424 for immediate assistance.

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