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In Singapore, Taoist funeral services differ according to the dialect group of the dearly departed. The funeral rituals and arrangements vary amongst the different dialect groups (Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese, Hakka, Hainan, etc.). It then goes without saying that the logistics required would be different as well. Harmony Funeral Care helps to arrange the entire Taoist Funeral Service by arranging for the Priest and by sorting out the logistics needed so that you can focus your limited energy on coping with the death itself during this tough period. A Taoist Funeral Service typically last for an odd number of days – 3, 5 or 7 days. 

In general, these elements would be observed at a Taoist Funeral Service:

  • Encoffining Ceremony conducted by a Priest (Usually 1,3,5 or 7 priest)
  • Final night prayer service where paper products would be burnt as offerings for the deceased
  • Final Day send off

Additional items like the modern live band, traditional music band, big-headed dolls and the traditional metal hearse are also commonplace on the final day of a Taoist Funeral Service.

Taoist Funeral Services often have food and fruit offerings to the deceased. Candles, lamps, tea, rice and water are also common items seen at Taoist Funeral Services. Each item carries a symbolic meaning and oftentimes, the rituals performed in a Taoist Funeral are meant to ensure that the soul of the deceased has a smooth journey in the afterlife.

Special clothes termed 寿衣 are also usually worn by those who passed on at a certain age and is thought to be blessed to have such a long life, with many offspring. This particular attire has seven layers and is made of supreme quality, usually for the deceased to stay warm even in the afterlife.  

In certain cases, a pearl is placed in the deceased's mouth. The pearl, with its shiny properties is said to protect the body of the deceased and is a enabling element in Hell. Likewise, in certain dialects, a bag of rice is placed on top of the coffin. 

Paper products are integral for the procession of a Taoist Funeral in Singapore. Paper products here include money, houses, mountains, maids, electronic products and modes of transportation. In fact, whatever that we need in this current life on Earth, it is thought that we would also need them in the afterlife.

As it is believed that there would be many "hungry souls" and "evil spirits" in Hell, money would be needed for bribery to court officials so as to get through the different levels of hell safely.

Let us, your bereavement buddy handle everything from the start till the end of the funeral. Leveraging on over 60 years of experience and heritage, be sure that the final send-off for your loved one would be nothing less than satisfactory. A funeral is a once in a lifetime event; do it right. Call +65 9489 2424 for immediate assistance.

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