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HFC believes in forging meaningful relationships with our customers by presenting them with the best possible service at reasonable prices. Helmed by the third generation of Hock Hin Undertaker, a renowned family brand name in the funeral industry for over 55 years, Harmony Funeral Care infuses contemporary ideas with age-old traditions in the planning of funerals. This is to ensure that the funerals conducted would be palatable for families and friends of various generations.

At Harmony Funeral Care, workers are guided by a few core value statements:

  • INTEGRITY is key when it comes to pricing
  • Service is done only with utmost PROFESSIONALISM and DEDICATION
  • RESPECT is given regardless of religion and race


Did you manage to spot the subtle two hands reaching out for each other within the alphabet H in the logo? The out-reached hands encapsulates our vision perfectly.

Vision: To be Singapore’s funeral care provider that people reach out to in times of need

Motto: Providing Harmonious Funerals with Care

Founder's Motto: Serving God, Serving People

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Humble Beginnings:

In 1963, a respectable humble businessman Mr. Tee Hock Chwee saw a need that was not sufficiently met in Singapore. There was a lack of companies offering funeral services for Singaporeans. Borrowing ideas from his hometown mainland China, he started his own undertaker company - Hock Hin Undertaker.

Back then, every coffin had to be specially crafted using bare hands and one funeral could take up an entire day. Focused with the end in mind though, Mr.Tee managed to bring the company to greater heights through the years. The way funerals are conducted have changed over the years and yet the one thing that remains unchanged is the unswerving attitude to serve the people of Singapore.

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Let us, your bereavement buddy handle everything from the start till the end of the funeral. Leveraging on over 60 years of experience and heritage, be sure that the final send-off for your loved one would be nothing less than satisfactory. A funeral is a once in a lifetime event; do it right. Call +65 9489 2424 for immediate assistance.

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"A Humble Service Done In Remembrance Of Mr Tee Hock Chwee, the founder of Hock Hin Undertaker established since 1963"
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