How to write a Good Eulogy?

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Presenting a eulogy during the funeral service is a nice gesture. This can be done ideally either during the night service at the wake venue or at the crematorium. It allows the person sharing the eulogy to express how he or she feels towards the decedent whilst enabling those hearing the eulogy to have a better understanding of the deceased. Most importantly, memories of the dearly departed is shared and fondly remembered. Here are some tips you can use to write an eulogy:

1.     Start from the heart

Anything that begins from the heart is the most effective because being sentient creatures, we are naturally attracted to words that exudes warmth. This usually happens only when genuine sharing without borders begin.

2.     How has the deceased influenced your life?

Did the dearly departed do something or say something that impacted you significantly? Words and actions though seemingly inconsequential could actually have a larger than intended effect. (That being said, do remember to do good and say good things while alive. Your words and actions could change a person’s life; I am not exaggerating)

3.     How was the dearly departed while alive?

Describe as vividly as plausible. People like details. How was his or her demeanour? Did he or she have any specific phrase that was repeatedly used? How was his or her outlook towards life? Was it a cause for inspiration?

4.     Did the dearly departed fulfil his or her different roles on Earth?

We all know that life isn’t so simple all the time and we often have different roles to play. For example, I could be a mother, a daughter and a funeral director all at once. It might not be that easy to juggle everything all at once in life but that’s just how it is. Were the different roles so rightly played despite the fact that it was so tough to do so?

5.     Did your loved one have fond childhood memories that was shared?

The decedent would have lived a life with many memories of his or her own. If you happen to know any details of the deceased's childhood (maybe he or she has a nickname or was known for something special), you could share them during the eulogy. If the decedent is married and you know how he or she was as a spouse and perhaps a parent, you could also share the facts with friends and relatives. 

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