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Bereavement Seminar by the Singapore Hospice Council

75d09ee0 83e6 425f b1b8 4fae4929c814 - Bereavement Seminar by the Singapore Hospice Council

Just recently, I attended a Bereavement Seminar hosted by the Singapore Hospice Council. Am heartened that such a move has been initiated by at least an organisation to help up the level of awareness amongst fellow Singaporeans on how to deal with grief. It’s not a cookie-cutter solution as we all deal with grief differently.…

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Simple Love At A Funeral

love at a funeral - Simple Love At A Funeral

What is depicted above – of family members and relatives gathering together mourning the demise of a loved one is not a new scene. The emotions we undertakers see at funerals are very raw and they range the entire gamut of happiness at the thought that their loved one is now at a better place,…

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2018 in Review

5dba5de6 5522 4f0c b448 96b077854c0e - 2018 in Review

The biggest and toughest lesson I’ve learnt in 2018 is to trust God. Trust God – something that is so easily preached but not so easily achieved. I hope I do not come across as boasting because I am not, I just wish to share my story on the setting up of my own company.…

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