2018 in Review

The biggest and toughest lesson I’ve learnt in 2018 is to trust God.

Trust God – something that is so easily preached but not so easily achieved.

I hope I do not come across as boasting because I am not, I just wish to share my story on the setting up of my own company. So that in years to come, I’d look back and see how far I have come and I also hope that the story would be a source of encouragement for those who might not be going through life as smoothly as they would want it to be.

This is a true story so the details might come across as direct and the emotions a tad too raw but I hope you viewers would enjoy the story.

Harmony Funeral Care was conceived due to several reasons namely:

  • Easier branding with the word Harmony which is familiar amongst many (and coincidentally my dear Father gave me the name since birth – that is a story for another time)
  • Like most family business, working with family members would have its own set of pros and cons. I’d rather preserve the familial ties that we know possess than to end up squabbling over the business.
  • The way I’d like to conduct the business might be different from the previous generations and having the free rein to do what I have in mind gives me a lot of space where I strongly believe would be beneficial for my well-being in the long run.

Although small visions of me having my own business do flash through my mind once in a while – especially whenever I visit hospitals and introduced myself as Harmony and many would assume that I was introducing the name of my company when in fact, I was just introducing myself; I did not really thought of branching out.

I was fearful, doubtful.

“Can a 25 Year Old really do this?”,

“What if I have no business, what would I survive on?”,

“Would this option be better for all parties involved in the long run?”,

“What would others think of me? Would they mock me?”,

” Is this really what I want to invest so much of my life in? Basically I’d be doing death for a living” ,

“Would my personal life be affected?”

Questions flood my mind and I had no fixed answers. But God knew.

I had clients, whom I think God was using them as a mouthpiece to speak to me. One family shared with me how they faced difficulties in their own family business but they chose to trust God and what started off as just a small business has since expanded. Of course you’ve got to hear the testimony from them yourself to know the details and the whole process of trusting in God. Everyone’s process is different. Hearing their testimony was encouraging but I still wasn’t comfortable and sure of what I should do.

Then there was this other customer whom I met for the first time. I told her I might reconsider my career path. Immediately she told me to lay all my worries onto God and even told me to stay till I complete the funeral for one of her beloved – when we first met, her loved one hasn’t passed on. Eventually I arranged the entire funeral when the demise really happened. How can a stranger have so much faith in me? What was stopping me from going forward? Do I not trust that He will provide?

Along the way, I was receiving more and more encouragement and validation on what my next step should be. Many a times, I do not deserve such love, encouragement and kind support from these people whom I met briefly but they would still give it to me anyway. All good things come from God and I really am beyond grateful for receiving such favors from God.

Anyway, another thing I’d want to briefly mention here is – be careful of what you speak. You never know how much your words mean to another. The family members who impacted me had no idea that the stories they shared would be so edifying.

I prayed almost EVERYDAY for a smooth transition and for the whole process of branching out – for the conversations I’d need to have with the relevant personnel to be one which stems from love.

Somehow though, one fine day there was this strong prompting and this thought that says “Trust God“. I hesitated no more and immediately; yes immediately informed my family that I was going to branch out. The transition wasn’t as smooth as I’d hoped for but smooth enough all in all.

I know most wouldn’t believe it. But the starting is always tough and looking back, I know clearly now that if not for God, whatever I have achieved to date wouldn’t be possible. In a bid to save costs, I learnt how to Photoshop and designed the backdrop for my new company. Also, I designed the entire website and came up with the content. It was no easy task but it is definitely worth it.

It has been months now and I am glad that I had taken the step out to be the founder of Harmony Funeral Care. No regrets. The company has been progressing bit by bit and I am thankful for that.

2019 will be a year full of growth for myself and the company, I pray. May 2019 also bring you people healing, forgiveness, love, joy and peace! Remember that life is short and unpredictable. Make it count!

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Sometimes, the elderly seems to know how to appreciate life a lot better than us.

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Sea Burial for a Chinese Funerale9ce7885 d3d1 4b67 9722 fe706819d9bc 768x1024 - 2018 in Review

Enjoying some handiwork with the elder folks at Hougang!IMG 3538 768x576 - 2018 in Review

The Catholic Funeral Backdrop that I designed! Of course there is still room for improvement!
IMG 5172 768x576 - 2018 in Review

Mandai Crematorium – What would be a place that has significant meaning to me in years to come.449b2189 73b0 41d8 8902 5aca40688d31 768x373 - 2018 in Review

A Christmas Celebration with the residents.e3746b03 f283 4b0e 9f84 bf66275dfdd9 768x576 - 2018 in Review

My Grandmother’s 87th Birthday!9dc42c5f ff5b 4aeb a03a ade8d7364da615118 768x569 - 2018 in Review

Christian Funeral Backdrop that I designed!


That’s 2018 in review. I won’t dare say that I had mastered the art of trusting wholeheartedly in God, but I make the conscious effort to do so everyday. There are still many aspects of my life that I’m learning to trust Him in.

2019, I am ready!

Love, HT

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