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How To Cope With The Loss Of A Child

Within the relatively short span of me serving in the death-care service industry, I’ve had the honour to be tasked to help organise several funerals of babies. Sometimes it’s a miscarriage, other times an unfortunate illness that takes the life of a baby who has lived for only a couple of months. Whatever the case,…

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Suicide Cases

Suicide Cases Rising In Singapore

Suicide cases are heartbreaking. Those left behind often ponder what went wrong. Choosing to die is never easy and would most likely be a last resort for many (I am not encouraging any form of suicide here, in fact suicide should never be a way to resolve anything). According to the Registry of Births and…

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Funeral Expense Reimbursement? That’s right!

Singapore Funeral Reimbursement

Death is inescapable for us all. As we die however, the living sometimes fret over what is left behind – hefty medical bills, funeral expenses and needless to say, a heavy heart. Funeral expenses can be manageable for some but to others, it can be a sum too huge to bear. Fortunately, the government has in…

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