Suicide Cases

Suicide cases are heartbreaking. Those left behind often ponder what went wrong.

Choosing to die is never easy and would most likely be a last resort for many (I am not encouraging any form of suicide here, in fact suicide should never be a way to resolve anything). According to the Registry of Births and Deaths (Singapore), the number of suicides increased from 271 in 1996 to 429 in 2016. That’s a 58% increase! In fact, the number of calls with suicide risk to SOS (Samaritans of Singapore ) was 6,250 in FY 2017. See here for more info on suicide statistics.

Life sure ain’t easy. Even from what is written in the bible, an easy life wasn’t promised. However, it did promise that God would be with us in this temporary life guiding us and providing us with the strength we need to get us by.

Life can be overwhelming – talk about the need for money, the stresses from work, family woes, being an outcast in society. Sometimes these problems can be so real and we can feel as if we are living on a thin thread of hope. Sometimes these problems can feel like they are crushing us and killing us from within. Sometimes these problems just seem so unsurmountable that we feel that there is no way out.

The fact is we all face these problems and that is part of life. Life is full of ups and downs but when there is a trough, it would also mean that life is going to go uphill soon.

Tough days don’t last, tough people do. There is so much more to life than just these problems that will come to past but of course the journey is a slow and painful one. Life is how we make it to be. Afterall, what we are doing here on Earth is preparation for what lies beyond death – Eternal Life and I believe all trials and tribulations are meant to make us stronger as a person.

I guess my point is : be kind to everyone for everyone is fighting their own battles. Everyone tries to be strong and portrays a happy image but all it takes is an intention to die and the seed will be sowed. What is needed next might just be a trigger point before real action is taken. Make the world a better place by sparing a thought for others.

If you do come across anyone whom you think needs help, please do not hesistate to contact Samaritans of Singapore for assistance at 1800 221 4444. They are open 24 hours. You never know, you might help save a life.

Praying for family members who are facing a case of suicide in their families now. Please stay strong.

Till then,


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