A Different Type Of (You)logy

IMG 4091 scaled - A Different Type Of (You)logy

The death of someone has the ability to break families up due to a myriad of reasons. It is not uncommon to encounter family disputes upon the death of a patriarch or matriarch. The powerful thing about death is, it has the ability to do the converse. Death can also bring families back together. Perhaps…

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The Power of Touch In Times Of Grief

Family members at Mandai Crematorium

Touch is such a powerful language. When words can’t convey the myriad of emotions we experience or when we are at a loss for words, touch can fill the gap up to communicate what we want to express. It is thus not uncommon to see touch in different forms – hugs being exchanged, hands being…

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WDYT: Do you feel numb towards death?

When I first started working in this line, one of my goals was to detail my “adventures” as I learn, in hopes that I could look back and chart my growth. This then led to the birth of this blog series. While I am interested in telling stories based on my own experiences, I have…

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Grieving in the midst of Covid-19

eaa5daff d128 4cd8 b5eb 9ff540d9fb64 - Grieving in the midst of Covid-19

      Recently there has been a lot of attention on how funerals are conducted in the midst of the COVID-19 situation. A circular issued on 10th April 2020 by NEA states that the number of persons at any one time allowed at funeral services and wakes should not exceed 10. This excludes religious…

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Mandai Crematorium (In my own Memory)

IMG 7760 min - Mandai Crematorium (In my own Memory)

I will never forget this place because it is and will be a special place for me. To many, this place holds sad memories of sending a loved one off on their final journey. To me, it is a place I frequent for work and ministry since the tender age of 24. This place is…

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Precautionary Measures following COVID19

aipRGSCaS62cPmIZdBMzw thumb 16 3 - Precautionary Measures following COVID19

These days, stories on the coronavirus inundate us as updates on the virus’s effects snatch news’ headlines. While it sure isn’t easy for us, Singapore to face this virus, we are here to let you know that we, the staff at Harmony Funeral Care are committed to help make gatherings at Funerals as safe as…

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Review on the various Funeral Parlours

This is just a brief review of the various funeral parlous currently available for public use in Singapore as of today. They are just my personal views and might not hold true for everyone but I hope they do help bereaved families in making a more informed decision with regards to the venue of the…

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Mr. Lim’s Final Working Day

When I first started, I was tasked to call Mandai Crematorium’s office to book the cremation slot for the deceased. I remember when I first listened to the voice of the person conversing with me at the end of the line, I thought to myself – wow this guy talks really slowly and calmly. And…

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No, I am not immune to grief.

1f435c9a 4f0b 4f3b b40b ef4ba178e772 - No, I am not immune to grief.

Many thought that people in this trade are immune to grief, especially when we face it every single day. However, that’s a misconception that ought to be changed. Last year, I was introduced to this very courageous lady who was battling with cancer. She was only in her early fifties, an age where most would…

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