Precautionary Measures following COVID19

These days, stories on the coronavirus inundate us as updates on the virus’s effects snatch news’ headlines.

While it sure isn’t easy for us, Singapore to face this virus, we are here to let you know that we, the staff at Harmony Funeral Care are committed to help make gatherings at Funerals as safe as they can be. To do this though, we would need families, relatives and friends’ kind cooperation.

Names and contact numbers of all who visit the funeral wake would be recorded as part of our efforts to conduct contact tracing should such a need arise.

A temperature taking exercise will be conducted on those who are going to Mandai Crematorium and those who’s temperature is of the acceptable range would be given a sticker as a symbol of clearance from our staff.

We urge those who are not feeling well to be socially responsible and to refrain from visiting the wake and funeral. Feel free to send condolences messages and donations via digital means instead.

Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.

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