A Tribute

This post is a tribute to be paid to my dear friend, Jasmine Lim.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw you on the newspapers, that you’d been involved in a car accident and unfortunately have passed on.

I will never forget how we first spoke to each other.

I have seen you a couple of times in Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library studying. As I liked the convenience of being near to the library’s entrance, I always studied at level 1 and that’s where you happened to be at that point in time too. I remember how you so warmly approached me on the day I came to the library with two welfare packs in my hands (I was super excited as the welfare packs has a lot of snacks), and asked “How’s the welfare packs?”. Just a simple question and yet it got us into longer, deeper and more meaningful conversations.

Although we were in close contact only for that period of time, your warm and bubbly character has really moved me. Always so open to share and always so encouraging, you never fail to provide reasons to be positive even when times seemed dull for me. I will never know how you manage to always have a smile on your face and the never-ending energy to reach out to others.

You will always be remembered as a kind, beautiful lady with a sincere heart by me.

I believe you have also touched the lives of many others as evident by the number of turn ups at your wake. Thank you for being you and for being in my life for that brief period of time.

Such a sudden death has left me and many others feeling really upset. Death is unpredictable and it can happen to anyone.

It could have easily been me, you or someone else.

We don’t need such accidents to remind us of how fragile life is. Deep down, we know it is.

Neither do we need such accidents to remind us of how we should cherish our loved ones. That being said, don’t stay angry at your loved ones because after all, what’s the point? Forgive quickly.

Our time on Earth may very well be ticking away as we continue with our daily lives and we wouldn’t know when our time’s up. One thing for sure and one thing we’d be able to control though, is how we choose to live each day with the right attitude and to make each day as purposeful as possible.

Just like how you left an amazing impression on me, as you did on many others by your small acts of kindness; Thank you for showing me how we can all be a bright and positive change in society as long as we have the heart to do so.

Asisatale - A Tribute


With A Heavy Heart, I Say Goodbye.






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