Living Fully, Leaving Ready

What does it look like to live life to the fullest? Depending on who you ask, the answer will vary. Someone may feel that they need to contribute back to society in order to have a meaningful life, while others would regard spending time with their loved ones as living a life well spent. You, too, may have your own personal convictions on living life meaningfully.

Regardless of how it looks like to you, we can all agree that it is important to live life to the fullest. If we don’t pursue what truly matters to us, how can we leave this world at peace? As a funeral company, we have walked with many on their final journeys, as well as their grieving loved ones. In these experiences, we have also heard many stories of how the deceased lived life fully, and hence left this world with an unbridled peace.

It’s a mystery how death and life are diametrically opposites and yet are so connected. One of our participants in our Living Fully, Leaving Ready Campaign, Pastor David, said, “Unless you are ready to die, you’re not really ready to live”. Without confronting the reality of our mortality, we may waste our time on things that don’t matter, instead of what is intrinsically meaningful to us.

This is exactly what we seek to uncover in our videos—how does the death inspire us to really live? We sought the convictions of seven individuals with unique callings in life, yet unified by the confrontation of their mortality. All of these individuals have had a near death experience; from life-threatening diseases, to an accident and contracting COVID-19. Watch this space as we see how living their lives to the fullest right now.

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