Mr. Lim’s Final Working Day

When I first started, I was tasked to call Mandai Crematorium’s office to book the cremation slot for the deceased. I remember when I first listened to the voice of the person conversing with me at the end of the line, I thought to myself – wow this guy talks really slowly and calmly. And another thought was that this person must be quite elderly. To match him, I had to reduce my pace of speaking as I informed him of the relevant details he needed for the booking. Over the days, weeks and months though, it became a familiar voice that I was so used to listening whenever I called to make booking for the cremation slot. It was always nice to speak to Mr Lim. He was enthusiastic about his job, even when it was just receiving phone calls, answering queries and assisting people to book cremation slots. He would occasionally throw in some encouraging and supportive words whenever there seemed a need to. He reminded me that attitude helps to determine many things in life and that it changes things. It is a little like the law of attraction, where you attract good things by thinking good stuff. It was always such a pleasure to speak to him, even when it was for work. Not too long ago, I was told that his work contract was ending soon without a re-contract. He then told me that he loves his job and wouldn’t want to leave but age is really catching up. Somehow, I feel quite sad about him leaving this job. I only managed to see him in real life once but I hope my brain does a good job of storing how this amazing uncle looks like.

Time flies and today, it is his final day working at Mandai Office. So people who know him – people in the same line as me or people who just somehow knows him, do bid your farewell to this really encouraging and wise uncle!

Mr Lim, we will miss you 🙂

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