Acceptance Of The Bad with The Good – as with any other jobs

Since I am in a pensive mood today, let me pen down something that has been bugging me recently.

Not too long ago, the realisation dawned upon me that the people I come into close contact with in my line of work – be it my workers/ colleagues/ working partners or even family members of the dearly departed are mostly more than twice my age if not older.

Looking back, I am really beyond blessed to be a friend to these wonderful people whom I would not get to meet if not for my stint in the funeral trade. These are people who encouraged me with kind words when the going gets tough, who provided not just listening ears when I had to rant but honest advises that could help in the journeying of life.

I remember just a year ago, at about the same period of the year as now, I was handling a funeral on the actual day of my birthday and the family, knowing this actually bought me a slice of cake with a written card just for me (Yes, Norman this is you). This was despite the grief they were going through, despite the amount of things they had to deal with due to the demise of their loved one. I said ” You didn’t have to” but their reply was one that made me ponder a lot about life – ” We didn’t have to but we want to so we did it anyway.”

A lot of times in life, we don’t have to do many things but why not do something additional, even if it seemingly is small for someone just because we want to. It doesn’t matter how the other person receives it but what matters is we do our part.

The strong and special friendships I have had with each and everyone of you is treasured by me deeply and I thank you for that.

So the good thing is I get to learn from the wise words of older people who have been through life and accumulated the experiences needed to have wider perspectives. The downside though? The downside is that because of the age disparity, the sheer reality is that the odds are against them outliving me. This means that in time to come, I would have to see them go one by one. I know clearly well that as a Christian, I am to take hope that this separation is temporal and one day I will see these brothers and sisters again in Heaven but that doesn’t take the ache away from my heart when I do dwell on this fact.

And because of that, even more so I feel the need to cherish such people in my life not just in words but actions – a simple message to check in on the person, a short meet up if the person is busy, etc. Truth to be told, we won’t know when is the last time but at least we try to do what we can to make the time and effort worth the while.

Once again, thank you you people for being part of my life thus far, for opening up to me, for being a teacher and a friend to me!

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