1st Year Anniversary

It’s the first year anniversary of my baptism. Exactly a year ago, I made the decision to publicly declare my faith. Looking back, it’s heartening to see how God has worked in my life even within a short span of a year. I am often very touched by His faithfulness. I think in life, we are often driven by fears. These fears rational or not, causes us to either do something to defend ourselves, or causes inaction. Usually for myself, before making a major decision in life, I’d pause and contemplate the intentions behind it. Is it fear-driven? If it is, it probably wouldn’t be a good decision. I’d then pray about it and wait it out till there is somewhat a prompting from the holy spirit, before acting on anything. If there is peace after my action is taken, I’d know that it is the right decision.

I guess the real issue here is how much do we trust in God that He would take good care of us? If we are assured of that, we wouldn’t worry as much.

2018 has been a year filled with so many unexpected things. Happy occasions and not to forget the not-so-happy ones. But through it all, my eyes are on you Lord. Thank you for 2018 and I gladly welcome 2019 with open arms; where I know You will continue to sustain me, to provide me with strength and rest, and where I know that you will use me mightily to serve You by serving your people.


Till then,


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