10 Things About A Funeral Service You Might Not Know

As with all things, even the funeral industry in Singapore as a whole is progressing. An overhaul would be an overstatement but things are slowly but surely changing. What is seen in today’s funeral services and what is remembered of funeral services attended years ago may be world’s apart. Here are some of the few things you might not know about today’s funeral services in Singapore

1) Servers and Night Guards are available upon request

To cater to smaller families in Singapore (As we all know, the birth rate has been dwindling), server and night guard services has been created. The servers main role would be to wait on tables and to clear the plates, or any rubbish on the guests’ tables. The servers may also help in the arranging of chairs if there is a night service (For Christian Funeral Services in Singapore only). For smaller families, coping with the death itself is already emotionally taxing; entertaining visitors physically exhausting. In some instances, it is close to impossible to stay awake throughout the night to tend to the wake area (Especially so if the wake area is at a void deck). Night guard services come in handy in such cases. Night guard services usually starts at 11PM and ends at 7AM (Exact timing has to be arranged with the various funeral directors) and prices start from $150/Night.

2) Embalming is not necessary for a wake service to be conducted

In cases where family members are strongly inclined towards not having their loved one embalmed, a wake service can still be conducted provided that the entire coffin is tightly sealed. 

3) White is no longer the only color used for Funeral Services in Singapore

In the past, white is the color for mourning and it is the only color deemed appropriate for use in funerals but in today’s society, other colors like pastel yellow, dark grey are also used. Instead of being chided for having a different color, people today laud the uniqueness of having something different.

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4) Now even the hardworking and brave workers wear suits and ties, just like any other office personnel

To up the service standards and to provide a more presentable final send-off, our very dear workers are now also dressed in blazers and ties. The normal attire for those working in offices comfortably with the air-conditioners blasting at them have now also become the normal attire for those in the funeral industry. Kudos to these workers though because they are dressed like this, carrying a coffin which is usually more than a hundred kilograms when a body is in it, under all sorts of weather – be it under the scorching hot sun, or under stormy thundery showers.

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5) Get your Coffee Fix at the Funeral Service

Singaporeans love coffee. In fact, some of us need coffee before we feel ready to face the day (We all know someone like that). Coffee Machines are a big hit in Singapore’s funeral services. Older folks love them as a cup of hot beverage is served upon pressing a button. The machine usually comes with a variety of options – coffee, hot chocolate, tea, etc. Gone are the days where coffee has to be made manually by mixing the powder with boiled water. 

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6) Urns come in cute shapes and colors

What was once just a round container made of marble for storing ashes have evolved to become many different forms. Some urns even come as a candlelight now! White marble is no longer the only material used for urns. Blue, pink, gold, silver, any color you name it; I’m sure there’s bound to be a particular urn you’d like out of the wide selection of urns available.
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7) Even Funeral Services in Singapore are hosted by Emcees now!

You’d think that emcees are needed only at events like weddings. That is so very wrong! Emcees are used in today’s funeral services to evoke emotions during the funeral and to provide the much needed closure that family members need. 

8) You can have a Air-Conditioned wake service at a Void Deck too!

With the advanced technology we possess now, the entire void deck can be sealed and powerful air-coolers can be placed within the sealed area to create an air-conditioned wake area, with two doors at the side or front. The additional skills, time and effort needed for such a luxurious set-up of course comes with a corresponding luxurious price.

9) Don’t be surprised when you hear music being played at a funeral service next time

Funeral services are thought to be solemn and quiet affairs. However, it is common to hear music being played in the background. Some even like the music, to fill any awkward silences in between conversations. 

10) Dogs are allowed at the Funeral Service

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