Taking the Route Less Traveled

It’s been a long time since I’ve last updated this site. Now that I’m back, I’ll be releasing some videos in time to come to share some snippets of my life as a Funeral Director in Singapore.

This entire vlog series is made possible thanks to my young, beautiful and kind friend, Nicole Chow,

You know how they say God places people in your life at the right time, at His time? I think Nic is one of that kind of people. Another one would be Fiona Wong (the lady who drew my current company’s logo). Contrary to popular belief that the business world is a “scary, mercenary place”, I choose to believe that nice and kind people exist as well. Not that I’ve not had my fair share of experience first hand how practical the business world can be; just that I am blessed enough to have witnessed people being kind to me even when I did nothing to deserve it.

I thank God for placing such people in my life, and I know clearly well how I would not have met them if not for my current vocation. That in itself, is definitely more than a coincidence.

The following videos may not be the most professional or formal, that i’d have to disclaim. But I could guarantee that they are genuine, heartwarming, and even a little humorous. They are not meant to be formal in the first place, but are meant to provide the audience with a glimpse of how this entire trade really is.


Till then,



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