Things To Do When Someone Passes On   (Buddhists and Taoists Only)

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As much as it is important to constantly innovate to better our operations, Harmony Funeral Care believes that it is equally important to preserve the age-old funerary traditions that has been in Singapore for a long time. Not many would pay attention, much less remember such traditions and hence, we have decided to pen them down to increase the awareness of such traditions, as well as to connect our future descendants to us through time with this sharing. 

These are the few things one should do when death occurs at home. Do take note that these applies only to people of the Buddhist and Taoist belief.

1. Stop the operation of clocks (Usually removing the battery works).

2. Use red paper to cover deity statue(s) at home. 

3. Use newspaper to cover reflective surfaces (mirrors and even televisions).

4. Leave the door and windows of the deceased's room open and leave the lights on.

5. If there's any labels of joyous occasions e.g. Chinese New Year decor, remove them.

These are the basic things to be done when someone we love departs and we are of the Buddhist or Taoist belief. To find out the explanations behind these actions, please click here. However, we disclaim firsthand that these explanations are usually based on myths and folklore passed down from generations to generations. It would be difficult if not impossible to trace the exact roots of these beliefs but it is still worth knowing the why behind what we do.

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