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Funeral Parlours are not aplenty in Singapore mainly due to the sheer fact that land is scarce, and hence expensive. Furthermore, the relevant authorities governs land use in Singapore rather strictly. Only designated land in Singapore can be used for funeral-related services. This means that the amount of land available to be used as funeral parlours can be pretty limited too.

Mount Vernon Sanctuary is currently closed and under renovation works. The only available funeral parlours are (I have stated the pros and cons together with the options):

1. Teo Chew Parlour at 10 Ubi Road 4

Location is good for Easties but the exterior looks like a temple. Christians and Catholics might not be too keen in the outlook. The individual parlours are quite spacious and parking is not too much of a hassle.

2. Sin Ming Parlour at 37 Sin Ming Drive

Sin Ming Parlour accommodates at most 50 people. The parlour is segregated into an interior air-conditioned room where the coffin would be placed while the exterior would be filled with round tables and chairs. Only two parking lots are assigned for each parlours.

3. AYS Remembrance Hall at 38 Sin Ming Drive

AYS Remembrance Hall is located just opposite Sin Ming Parlour. The newly renovated halls with its posh finishing does make it a compelling option for wake venues. Similar to Sin Ming Parlour, the Remembrance Hall is separated into an interior air-conditioned room and an exterior room. It also comes with an LCD Screen where details of the wake would be displayed. Parking might be a little tricky here whenever all of Sin Ming Parlours and AYS Remembrance Halls are occupied. The parking over here is street parking and it is not uncommon to see the entire street filled with cars as friends and families stream into and out of wake venues conglomerated over here at Sin Ming Drive.

(In fact, Sin Ming Drive is often termed "Dead People's Street" as the entire street consists of shop houses catering death-care related services.)

4. Singapore Funeral Parlour at 91 Tampines Link

This parlour is the latest addition to the list of places for hosting a wake in Singapore. Its rooms are fully air-conditioned and fully carpeted. Each room also comes with a LCD Screen where details of the funeral wake can be shown. On top of that, each room is well equipped with its own sound system. Each room can accommodate up to 80 people. The only downside would be its location - it is rather hard to get there if you do not own your own transport.

5. Garden of Remembrance at 920 Old Choa Chu Kang Road

The pros of this parlour comes with its con. The very fact that it is situated relatively far from everything else allows it to be serene and peaceful. Parking usually would not be an issue but it would be hard to get to without your own transport. Also, it might be a little scary to head out at night since it is situated near the graveyards. The environment though is top-notch. 

6. Certain Catholic Churches in Singapore

Some Catholic Churches has rooms available that they offer as venues for funeral wakes in Singapore. Do note that some of them requires the deceased to be a Catholic (Baptism Certificate has to be shown). A few popular ones are the Church of Saint Stephen at 30 Sallim Road and Church of Saint Teresa at 510 Kampong Bahru Road. 

All funeral parlours in Singapore usually have a toilet attached to them, and are usually semi if not fully air-conditioned. They offer family members the option to go home at night as the doors usually can be locked, or the area is usually patrolled by security officers. Some funeral parlours even have a small room with simple furnitures like a sofa for family members to rest on. Some funeral parlours allow family members to stay overnight while some do not. Do check out the different rules and regulations of the funeral parlours before renting them. 

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