Door To Door Repatriation To India Or Bangladesh

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Harmony Funeral Care handles the export of individuals back to India and Bangladesh frequently. Most of the time it is the companies that reach out to us for the export of their employees back to their homeland. Deaths can occur naturally or unnaturally (accidents or suicides). For unnatural causes of death, a letter bearing the hospital letterhead that states that the decedent does not have COVID-19 is needed on top of all the other normal documents.

The usual documents required are listed below:

  • Death Certificate
  • Sealing Certificate for the coffin
  • Embalming Certificate
  • Coffin Export Permit
  • Air Waybill if transportation is by air

These documents would have to be endorsed by the relevant consulate authorities in Singapore. Harmony Funeral Care assists in all the documentation and logistics required to repatriate your loved one safely back home.

The repatriation of an employee back home might be claimable by insurance and if needed, assistance could be provided by us. With the experience we have in exporting foreign employees back home for funeral rites to be conducted, we know the needed documents for a successful insurance claim. 

We also have the option of allowing relatives and friends to view the body for a short time before the body would be flown back. Foreign employees going back to either India or Bangladesh usually subscribe to either the Hindu or Muslim religion. We can provide the decedent with the relevant rites needed for the different religions. Please make the necessary arrangements with us. 

We also work with reliable partners all over India so as to provide a door to door repatriation of the individual from Singapore to India.

On top of that, we have dedicated staff who speaks Tamil and Bengali so as to ensure a smoother flow of communication throughout the entire repatriation process.


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