Singapore Funeral Packages In Times of COVID-19

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COVID-19 is a global pandemic that affects us all and Singaporeans are no exception. Government regulations has limited the number of persons allowed at funeral wakes, be it at homes, at void decks or at the funeral parlours. As of 8th April 2020, the number of persons allowed at all the 3 crematoriums in Singapore is limited to 10.

Harmony Funeral Care hopes to support Singaporeans in this critical season by providing funeral packages designed to provide a dignified send off in the safest way possible.We strongly urge Singaporeans to practice social responsibility and to avoid attending funeral wakes if unwell. At Harmony Funeral Care, your safety is of utmost importance to us. 

Measures we have taken in this season includes but are not limited to:

  • Compulsory filling up of declaration form for contact tracing purposes
  • Temperature taking for attendees. Those whose temperature are above the threshold would not be permitted to enter the wake premise
  • Provision of sanitisers to reduce surface contamination by bacteria to a safe level

Our funeral packages during this period has complimentary live stream services of the funeral procession to allow distraught family members who are unable to fly back to Singapore a chance to participate in the funeral process. 

Given the limitations on the number of persons allowed at the funeral wake venues, some families may decide to opt for a direct cremation altogether.

A direct funeral consists of:

  • Collection of decedent from place of death
  • Viewing of decedent at embalming care centre
  • Transport of decedent to crematorium/burial ground
  • Live stream of the funeral process
  • Video montage of the entire funeral process

Usually this can be conducted within a day or two, subjected to the crematorium's availability. We also understand how COVID-19 has affected most of us economically and hence priced this package as affordable as it can be.

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