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Harmony Funeral Care provides repatriation services to repatriate bodies into and out of Singapore. In a globalised world where everything is getting increasingly connected, it is no surprise that Singaporeans who passed on overseas would need to be repatriated back whilst foreigners who passed on in Singapore would need to be repatriated back to their homeland. 

For Repatriation Out Of Singapore

When the unfortunate death of a foreigner occurs locally, two options are available. The first option would be to have a memorial service followed by the cremation here locally. The ashes would then be collected in an Urn where it would be hand-carried back home overseas. The second option would be to have the body of the deceased repatriated back intact.

The second option would require more documentation and the price usually depends on how far the final destination is and the airline chosen to transport the decedent. The usual documents required are listed below:

  • Death Certificate
  • Sealing Certificate for the coffin
  • Embalming Certificate
  • Coffin Export Permit
  • Air Waybill if transportation is by air

These documents would have to be endorsed by the relevant consulate authorities in Singapore. Harmony Funeral Care assists in all the documentation and logistics required to repatriate your loved one safely back home. Call us now to find out more.

For Repatriation Back Into Singapore

If the death of your loved one occurs overseas, we can help to repatriate the body back into Singapore. Likewise, there are a few documents needed before we can import the body back home. The documents required for the issuance of the coffin import permit are as follows:

  • Death Certificate issued by country where death happened (Certificate had to be translated into English if it is in other languages)
  • Sealing Certificate for the coffin
  • Embalming Certificate
  • Coffin Export Permit from country exporting the body
  • Air Waybill if transportation is by air

These documents have to be endorsed by the Singapore Embassy located in the place of demise.

With an extensive network worldwide, Harmony Funeral Care works with several overseas Undertaker Companies to ensure a smooth journey for the deceased from the place of death back home. Countries we have repatriated bodies back to include but are not limited to the Philippines, India, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Austria, Australia and the United States of America.

More particularly, for deaths of Singaporeans that happened in Malaysia including Johor Bahru (JB), we have reliable Undertaker Companies in Malaysia partnering with us, to help bring the entire casket, containing the decedent back home to Singapore.

Likewise, for Malaysians who passed away in Singapore, we have partner Undertaker Companies where there would be arrangements to bring the dearly departed back home to Malaysia seamlessly. We choose who we work with carefully so as to ensure family members would have a peace of mind regarding the body of their beloved.

Upon successful transportation of your loved one back to Singapore, we will help in the arrangement of the funeral memorial service depending on the religious views of the decedent if any.

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Let us, your bereavement buddy handle everything from the start till the end of the funeral. Leveraging on over 55 years of experience and heritage, be sure that the final send-off for your loved one would be nothing less than satisfactory. A funeral is a once in a lifetime event; do it right. Call +65 9489 2424 for immediate assistance.

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